Larz May is a new discovery of in the world of music. He made it possible to compose and make classical music and do the coverings of famous songs. He released his first album “My Christmas” under Vunderbar records, he dedicated it to Christmas holidays and Christmas spirit, all songs are made in instrumental note, whit smoothing rhythms and relaxing tone. In whole album dominates the usage of piano, which can indicates that he is true master in playing it.

He has done the covering of famous song, among them “Help me fall” and If These Walls Could Speak”. He has proven to have an exceptional voice and not only talent for making instrumental music. His others compositions Neck & Neck and Amaretto are made in instrumental note. It’s a fact that his music has a sentimental note and that he prefers songs whit a slower pace. This is contemporary music, attractive for all genders and ages. The most of his work were done in private studio which had roofing problems on few occasions. Never the less – he fought the odds and provided us with high quality music for the years to come.
Lot of people today doesn’t choose musical directions, if the song has nice lyrics and has some sense, it can be recorded. Larz May didn’t go down that road, he choose to make music who has meaning and soul, something that people will remember when they hear it. His beautiful voice has made that possible. He gave the other meaning when recording the music is in question. He manages to do two things. To record an album that will always be in when the holidays come, people will use it for relaxation and family gathering while his coverings show us that he is an excellent pianist and a singer.

He creates the music that gives colors and movements, music that makes us move and makes us to be happy but in the same time give us reason to think, to reflect on our inner being. That is the music that should be more respected and valued in this world of mixed priorities and disturbed values. In some way Larz May has manage to accomplish that. He created the music that will last, something that will always be recognized from true music lovers. It is really joyful to listen to his music; he gave his audience a fresh view on some forgotten musical directions. Now day’s music has tend to be fast and to last for few days until some other song doesn’t come out and over runs it. There is less and less quality music, musicians are starting to produce music that has epitome of mass production, without considering the quality.

So musicians like Larz May should be appreciated and valued, they create music that brings out the deepest emotions in people, music that conquers even the strongest harts. Rhythm that includes strongest emotions, amazing vocal and talent for music is there. His music can be played in all occasions and everyone who has ever heard it didn’t stay indifferent. They will always come back to its smoothing and relaxing notes and they can only bring them peace.