本文摘要:Google is getting into gaming.谷歌刚开始进占游戏产业了。


Google is getting into gaming.谷歌刚开始进占游戏产业了。The tech giant best known for its search engine and Android operating system for smartphones now seeks to take a stab at revolutionizing the $100 billion gaming industry currently dominated by incumbents like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.互联网巨头谷歌以百度搜索引擎和手机安卓电脑操作系统而出名,眼底下因此以准备改革创新总市值一千多亿美金的游戏产业;这一产业链现阶段的引领者是微软中国、sony和任天堂游戏。As Google seeks to diversify its revenue sources beyond digital ads, gaming presents a massive opportunity for the company.谷歌已经期待获得更为多电子广告牌之外的盈利方法,而游戏产业为其获取了巨大的机会。But Google appears poised to take a different approach when it presents its vision for the “future of gaming” during its Game Developers Conference (GDC) presentation on Tuesday in San Francisco.周二,谷歌在美国旧金山的游戏开发人员大会演讲中为“游戏业的将来”获取了自身的观点,她们要采行各有不同的方式。


Right now, if you want to play a hit game, you usually need to spend a few hundred bucks on a console like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One or a good $1,000 or so on a high-end gaming PC. Then, you either need to go to the store and buy a physical game disc or wait for a large file to download to your console, which can take hours.现阶段假如要想玩游戏爆品游戏,一般来说务必花上几百美元卖PS4或是Xbox One游戏柄,或是再次好一点花上一千美元售予高档游戏单机版。那样的话就无须去店铺或是卖实体线游戏光碟,也无须花上很多時间iTunes游戏。Google’s streaming service could change that model by letting users stream top games to the devices they already own, like a laptop, smartphone or streaming box connected to a TV.谷歌的流服务项目不容易根据让消费者在目前机器设备(笔记本电脑、智能机、相接电视机的总流量盒)第一时间顶级游戏,变化目前游戏方式。

“Cloud gaming will enable publishers to broaden their reach even further by potentially taping into new audiences on any device and any screen,” Forrester vice president and principal analyst Thomas Husson told CNBC.Forrester企业副首席战略官顶尖剖析托马斯火车·胡森对他说全世界财经频道直播:“云游戏不容易让发行者扩宽手机客户端,乃至很有可能会带来不缩机器设备不缩显示屏的新受众群体。”“Beyond music or video, gaming represents another opportunity to offer recurring streaming revenues for companies in the gaming ecosystem. For cloud platforms like Amazon, Google or Microsoft, it will also become an opportunity to offer cloud storage and services to game publishers, who spend more and more in their IT infrastructure. ”“除开歌曲视频,游戏为企业获取了另一个机会,在游戏绿色生态中得到 流媒体服务器盈利的机会。像amazon、谷歌或是微软中国那样的云服务平台,获取云端存储和云机器设备对游戏发行者也是一个机会,她们不容易在信息内容尖端科技推广更为多基础设施建设。