Amazon was forced to take action on Saturday after it was found to be selling T-shirts with slogans promoting rape and violence on its website.在被找到其网站上出售具有推展强奸和暴力口号的T恤之后,亚马逊在星期六不得不采行了行动。The American clothing company Solid Gold Bomb blamed an automated computer dictionary for its series of the items emblazoned with offensive phrases such as Keep Calm and Rape a Lot and Keep Calm and Hit Her, based on the much reproduced Keep Calm and Carry On second world war poster.美国服装公司Solid Gold Bomb责备一台自动化的电脑词典将其一系列产品印上攻击性短语,例如“维持耐心,乐趣XX”和“维持耐心,打她”,基于二战海报“维持耐心,坚持到底”的多次拷贝。Both companies were bombarded with complaints and Solid Gold Bomb later closed its Twitter account. The T-shirts were still on sale in Germany on Saturday.这两家公司被投诉炮击,Solid Gold Bomb之后重开了它的Twitter账户。


T恤周六仍在德国销售。One of the slogans was taken down but others, including Keep Calm and Knife Her and Keep Calm and Punch Her remained on Solid Gold Bombs website on Saturday afternoon; the company said they were all in a deletion queue.有一个口号被后撤了下来,但其他还包括“维持耐心,砍死她”和“维持耐心,一拳她” 周六下午仍在Solid Gold Bomb的网站上,该公司回应他们都在一个“移除队列”中。Amazon deleted most of the offensive Keep Calm range but continued to promote the companys shop.亚马逊移除了大部分“维持耐心”的攻击性系列产品,但之后为该公司广告宣传。Solid Gold Bomb, based in Massachusetts, said the graphics for the T-shirts were the result of a scripted computer process, which used an algorithm to generate hundreds of slogans.Solid Gold Bomb,总部坐落于马萨诸塞州,回应T恤上的图形是“脚本化计算机过程”的结果,它用于一种算法分解成百上千的口号。

The shirts, which appeared on Amazon on Friday, prompted an online furore. Amazon did not respond to the Observers call but a spokesman for Amazon UK told Sky News: I can confirm that those items are not available for sale.这些衬衫周五经常出现在亚马逊上,在网上引起轰动。亚马逊没对此《观察家》的电话但亚马逊英国发言人告诉他天空新闻:“我可以证实,这些物品并没可可供出售。”The company said it had received death threats and its Twitter account was bombarded with scores of angry messages, many of which said: Rape is not a joke.该公司回应它已接到了死亡威胁,其Twitter账户被许多气愤消息炮击,其中许多说道:“强奸不是一个笑话。

”Amazon is no stranger to controversy. The sites US operation faced criticism for briefly selling a book described as a paedophiles guide. In 2008 it had to pull from sale T-shirts lauding Nazi leaders.亚马逊对争议并不陌生。该网站的美国业务因为非常简单地将销售书籍叙述为恋童癖指南而遭到抨击。2008年它被迫中止出售称赞纳粹领导人的T恤。